Our Approach

What Types of Businesses Are We Looking for?

Financial Criteria

  • $1.5M – $6.0M EBITDA
  • Strong EBITDA margins
  • Predictable recurring or reoccurring revenue sources
  • Non-cyclical with proven history of profitability and growth
  • Low capex reuirements
  • Cash flow and asset sufficient to service capital structure


  • Owner/operator seeking exit
  • Succession planning
  • Partnership breakups
  • Leadership transitions
  • Strong middle-management willing to remain


  • Targeting business/tech services, software/SaaS and other related sectors
  • Growth industry
  • Limited risk of technology obsolescence, regulatory risk, legal risk, environmental risk
  • Lack of dominant competitors
  • Low cyclicality and low operational complexity
  • No commodities-based or heavy manufacturing businesses


  • Diversified customer base
  • Growth potential via organic sales growth, geographic expansion, product/service extension and acquisitions
  • Product/service differentiation exists or can be created
  • Stable contractual relationship
  • Motivated seller for non-business reasons with reasonable valuation expectations

We take an active role in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and work closely with them to help them succeed.

Sage’s co-founders, Glen Silvestri and Jon Piurko, take an active role in each of Sage’s investments in an effort to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs in Sage’s portfolio and provide them with the tools they need to be successful. We serve on the boards of each of the investments we make and we make it our business to be available for searchers and entrepreneurs to seek advice and assistance whenever required.

With decades of private equity investing experience and a broad network across the country, Glen and Jon are uniquely positioned to help searchers from around the world in the efforts to acquire strong Canadian private companies.