Search Fund Investing. Canada.

Sage is the first institutional fund focused on Search Fund investing in Canada. Formed in 2019, Sage supports both traditional Searchers and non-traditional Searchers / Entrepreneurs in their quest to acquire and grow companies in the lower mid‑market.

We believe companies in the midst of succession planning in the lower mid-market provide great acquisition opportunities.

Investing in the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs to acquire, manage and grow SME's while making out sized risk adjusted returns.

At a Glance

Setting the stage.

“Nearly 75% of small business entrepreneurs are planning to exit their businesses in the next 10 years.”

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What is a search fund?

The concept was created at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a method to give young, aspiring operators a direct path to owning and managing a company.

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How does Sage fit into the search fund model?

Sage invests in both traditional search funds and non-traditional self-funded searches.

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Managing partners Glen Silvestri and Jon Piurko have local market knowledge that is invaluable to a searcher.

Our Team

We believe that the search fund model is highly effective and cost‑efficient. It addresses the common concerns of retiring business owners

We have the track record, experience and passion to create value in this market sector.

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